Hey there gorgeous lady…


If you are searching for:

~ an alternative to the stress cycle that seems to run your life

~ a way to make a contribution to the world without sacrificing your wellbeing

~ a break from the endless busy-ness of life + space to be able to breathe again

~ more energy  to do the things that light you up and an end to the bone-crushing exhaustion and fatigue that get you down

then you are 100% in the right place. High fives for making your way here.

Let me reassure you that you are not broken or stuck or ‘doing it wrong’. And let me also tell you that you are so so far from being alone on this journey.

My name is Meg Berryman – I’m a coach, yoga teacher, mama (to a daughter + three feathered babies + a fur baby), nature junkie, empath, over-sharer, feminist + avid learner.

 I believe you deserve to have the energy for the things that matter to YOU. Wellbeing. Love. Purpose. Adventure + Travel. I’m here to teach you how to farewell your fatigue and emerge from your burnout – more confident, empowered and energized than ever.

I’m here to show you how to love yourself well. 


What if I told you it were possible to:

~ feel unparalleled energy and vitality resulting from plugging the energy leaks that are keeping you fatigued and uninspired

~ look at the images on Facebook on instagram and not feel plunged into fear  or comparison mode

~ embrace a calmer, more authentic lifestyle that plays to your strengths

~ interpret the signals your body is sending you and learn how to respond in a loving and compassionate way

~ find wellbeing without the restriction, guilt, stress or green smoothies?

I want you to know that these things are possible. And you’re already well on your way.   


My Journey

A few years ago I stood at a crossroads. Sick as a dog with adrenal fatigue. Stressed to the maximus. Disconnected from myself. Knowing that the career I was in didn’t resonate with my soul. Knowing that my lifestyle did not honour me. Knowing that something had to change.

What started as a mission to heal my broken, stressed and sick body, began to transform into a passion for finding fulfilment. To finding wholeness. Once I began peeling back the layers, I quickly began to understand how my addiction to stress, my A-type personality traits and my deep fear of not being loveable was manifesting in physical illness.

I committed to finding another path to wellbeing. One that went beyond green smoothies and addressed the true root causes of my feelings of being stuck, sick and uninspired. I got help. A lot of help.

And over time my life changed. Not in massive, earth-shattering moments but a collection of small, conscious decisions made from repeatedly asking myself this question on a daily basis -

‘What do I need today?’

Gradually, I learned to shed the expectations I had put on myself. I stopped listening to what everyone else said my wellbeing journey should look like and started trusting my own instinct. I shed the stereotypes and started doing things that lit up my body, mind and soul regularly.

I embraced an alternative path to wellbeing that started with compassion and acceptance of myself rather than guilt or restriction. I let myself just be for a while.

And slowly, I healed. And began to help others to heal too.


I have a deep, unbridled passion for empowering women to define their own versions of wellbeing -  born from my academic background in gender and public health, but forged from my own struggle to redefine what constitutes success in this lifetime.

I have X-Ray vision, you see. I don’t see sick or stuck or broken. I see whole and glorious and all the potential in the world.

I have another way to wellbeing – that teaches you how to let go of what you thought you should be doing and shows you how to tune in to the gifts already inherent within. One that works to YOUR strengths and lifestyle.

I have another way

And I want to share it with you.

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What people say about working with me

In the 2 years I’ve been working with Meg I can’t quite express my gratitude to her for the work we have accomplished together. Meg’s ability to hold the space and facilitate development is exceptional. With wisdom beyond her years Meg has guided me through a move across continents, ending relationships, starting new ones and starting a new career. She is a rock, ready to just be there to listen or to gently direct and always to being me back to the core message. We all need to love ourselves . I recommend her wholeheartedly. Thanks Meg, here’s to many more enlightening conversations and growth. – Jane UK

Meg facilitated a massive awakening for me through her gentle inquiry-excellent questions & sincere understanding. Her empathy & deep knowledge offered me great confidence and clarity. Cannot recommend Meg enough. Thank you! – Alex, VIC

I engaged Meg as a life coach because I was constantly getting sick. I knew what the issues were – bad diet and a lack of exercise, I just didn’t know how to fix them. Meg has helped me eat better and move more each day but she has also taught me that the problems underlying constant illness go much deeper. She taught me that being happy and healthy is not just about eating more veggies and daily yoga (both of which i can now proudly say I do!) it’s also about managing stress and anxiety and creating space in life for relaxation, self care and fun. After 3 months of coaching I feel calm, present and on my way to health. I truly know that I couldn’t have come this far without Meg’s guidance. Meg helped me form a vision of a healthier, happier version of myself, educated me on the obstacles holding me back and given me the confidence and tools to overcome them. Her philosophies and compassionate coaching style make health and wellbeing achievable and sustainable. I wholeheartedly recommend Meg’s life coaching to anyone wanting to make meaningful changes in their life’. – Rebekah, VIC

Mindfulness training is common sense. However, what is amazing about it is that often self doubt creeps in over what we all know to be right. Meg is an amazing woman. She has a unique ability to understand on a deep level who you are as an individual, a woman and a person. Meg is able to learn what drives you and what your barriers to being present in the moment really are. Mindfulness is not “airy fairy” as many people may think. It is about connection. Connection to yourself and through that greater connection to who you are, you feel connected to those around you, to your work, to your passions. I have been absolutely amazed that with Meg’s help and guidance, understanding myself, feeling less stressed and making informed decisions has meant so much. Her techniques, her compassion and understanding and her ability to connect with you is something that you don’t experience very often with many people. She is truly one of a kind!

After having a difficult start to 2015 with both my health and work life, I found it almost impossible to see the positives and felt as if I wasn’t able to turn my negative thinking around on my own. The longer that I felt like this the less likely and confident I felt in my abilities to turn to my thinking around. I felt I was just snowballing downwards.At the end of 3 months I was beginning to feel happy and confident in myself again. I could see how much I had learnt from the negatives in my life and could appreciate what they had taught me. Most of all I felt more confident in my ability to deal with future difficulties in my life.



My qualifications

Master of Development Studies – Gender and Development (Melb Uni)
Master of Public Health – Health Promotion (James Cook University)
Certificate III in Fitness (Fernwood Fitness)
200 Hour Yoga Teacher (Byron Yoga Center)
Level 1&2 Reiki Practitioner (Body and Mind Healing, Chiang Mai)
30 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher (Jo Phee)
60 Hour Yin/Yang Yoga Teacher (Sarah Powers)
Prenatal, Postnatal and Mums&Bubs Yoga Teacher (Bliss Baby)
Certificate in Nutrition (Cadence Health)
Level 1 Wellness Coach (Wellness Coaching Australia)
Level 2 Wellness Coach (Wellness Coaching Australia)
Nutrition Psychology: Food choice and Eating Habits (Cadence Health)
Nutrition for Fertility, Pregnancy and Lactation (Cadence Health)


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